Semi-finished plastic products

The semi-finished plastic products department specializes with the import and trade of acrylic sheets (PLEXIGLAS®), polycarbonate sheets, polyester sheets (PET), PVC sheets, aluminium composite sheets, as well as PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds.
Our warehouse is equipped with a cutting machine, thus enabling us to supply our customers with cut-to-size sheets of their own requirements. The delivery of the material is executed within a short period of time through our company-owned distribution van.

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Acrylic Products


PLEXIGLAS® is an international trademark for acrylic glass, which was introduced by Dr. Otto Röhm in 1933 and has been leading the world market in the past 80 years. PLEXIGLAS® products are produced by EVONIK Industries, one of the world’s leading chemicals companies. The product’s strong weather resistance, its high transparency and break resistance, (up to 10 times more durable than glass), ensures PLEXIGLAS® high durability for a long period of time, in numerous applications. Therefore, it is the ideal material for indoor and outdoor projects. PLEXIGLAS® is characterized by its elegance, brilliance and color stability. These features reveal further all interior end products, design and display objects.

Strong points of PLEXIGLAS®

Unlike most plastic, PLEXIGLAS® over a long period of time does not yellow and does not lose its light transmission from UV radiation. PLEXIGLAS® clear-transparent sheets quarantine 90% of their light transmission in the course of 30 years.

PLEXIGLAS® sheets applications

Structural constructions, glazing, illuminated signs, promotional and projection structures, exhibition stands, technical articles, architectural and design objects, food display products, lighting, patios, noise barriers, aquariums and special structures and others.

PLEXIGLAS® raw material

PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds are thermoplastics based on PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate). PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds are characterized by a number of chemical, physical and technical properties that are necessary for manufacturing high-quality part by injection and extrusion.

PLEXIGLAS® raw material applications

Lighting technologies, automotive, industrial constructions and architecture, furniture and others.

Support materials

Glues and other and other auxiliaries for the treatment and processing of products. ACRIFIX® glues and the rest of auxiliary products are produced particularly for PLEXIGLAS® products.

Acrylic Product Categories

Polycarbonate Sheets


MAKROLON® sheets produced by COVESTRO comprise a range of transparent and translucent polycarbonate sheets, which feature extremely high impact resistance (250 times higher impact resistance by glass) and resistance to extreme temperatures. The sheets are flat of two basic types:

  • MAKROLON® MULTI UV (multiwall polycarbonate sheets with UV-protective coating)
  • MAKROLON® SOLID (solid polycarbonate sheets of different grades)

MAKROLON® sheets offer customers environmentally friendly, creative and sustainable solutions of the highest quality. The sheets carry a 10 year warranty against weathering and breakage (sheets including UV coating).

PVC Sheets


SIMOPOR PVC foam sheets by SIMONA combine low density with light design structures. The sheets have satin-smooth surface, offering excellent versatility while processing. SIMOPOR product family delivers superior quality and aesthetic appeal, which makes them the perfect choice for applications surrounded by light and airy design.

The rigid PVC-CAW sheets have a normal impact strength and good chemical and weather resistance.

SIMOPOR sheets applications

Exhibition stands, advertising signs and digital printing and other.

PVC-CAW sheets applications

Chemical installations, farming and agriculture, pharmaceuticals, structural constructions and others.

Polyester Sheets


COVESTRO’s clear polyester sheets VIVAK® and AXPET® have excellent thermoforming properties, making them the ideal material for challenging designs. These sheets are highly impact-resistant, are suitable for food contact and offered also are with a UV coating (10-year guarantee for weather resistance), therefore can be used outdoors.

VIVAK® and AXPET® applications

Advertising displays, food industry and others.

Aluminium Composite Sheets


ΚömaAlu products are produced by Kömmerling are composite sheets which consist of polyethlene on their inside core embedded between two aluminum covers. ΚömaAlu sheets are lightweight, yet very durable and bend-resistant. KömaAlu composite sheets are the ideal material for indoor and outdoor applications, as they are weatherproof and weather resistant.

ΚömaAlu applications:

Signs, cladding, lightweight structures, exhibition stands, point of sale & point of point of purchase.

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